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Daytrips & nature

Copyright (pictures):

SchwarzwaldPlus GmbH/

Achim Meurer

Der Schwarzwald


directly around the house


Hiking trails to Baiersbronn, Seewald, and Loßburg

Cross-country skiing trails

Mountainbike trails

Forest nature trails (also for kids)

Adventure Golf Freudenstadt NEW

Panoramabad Freudenstadt

Riding facility




in the vicinity

Black Forest National Park

Baden-Baden and Straßbourg

Lake Erzgrube

Zauberland Loßburg ("magical" nature trail)

Hohenzollern Castle

Alpirsbach monastery

Lotharpfad Schwarzwaldhochstraße

Adventure Golf Enzklösterle

Golf-Club Freudenstadt 

High Rope Course Enzklösterle

Treetop Walk Bad Wildbad

Bare Foot Park Hallwangen

Triberg Waterfalls and Coocoo-Clocks

Vogtsbauernhof (traditional farming houses)

Der Marktplatz Freudenstadts

Copyright (pictures):

SchwarzwaldPlus GmbH/

Achim Meurer

For detailed information about daytrip possibilities we have prepared a folder for you which you will find in the holiday apartment.

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